Rhysical Pheck on BBC Radio 3

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Rhysical Pheck will be on BBC Radio 3 tonight (Sunday 2nd Nov) at 10:15PM thanks to Andy Kershaw’s World Music show.

You can listen live via the BBC’s internet radio stream or if you’re in the UK through their FM service (90-93FM).

Check out the playlist for Andy’s show for a list of tracks played tonight.

Please show your appreciation by e-mailing comments to Andy via the online form 🙂

Update: if you wish to listen to the Radio 3 RealAudio stream outside of your browser (allowing you to seek to any time) then follow these steps (the BBC just have to make it annoyingly difficult though):

  1. Make sure you’ve got the RealOne Player installed.
  2. Open the BBC Radio 3 Andy Kershaw show internet radio stream in a new browser window.
  3. Copy this direct RealAudio file to Andy Kershaw’s show URL (right-click – copy) and paste it into that new browser window’s address bar (clicking Go, pressing return or whatever).
  4. You’ll now be prompted by your browser to open or save the resulting file (just open it unless you want to listen to it again at a later date) and can now listen to the stream in a decent player, allowing you to seek to whatever time you wish.
  5. Note that this’ll only be available until Andy’s next show (Sunday 9th November), when it’ll be overwritten by the latest broadcast.

    Rhysical Pheck’s track is at 46:12 / 1:48:28 if you’re interested … 😉

4 thoughts on “Rhysical Pheck on BBC Radio 3

  1. thanks for keeping us updated
    well done again
    there is a great buzz in the local music scene at the moment
    someone is going to really break through big time soon
    there is some great talent
    rhysical pheck are out there doing something really original
    the band are difficult to catagorise apart from saying bloody great music
    thanks again
    also very much looking forward to the bigness
    cheers nigel

  2. Very nice of Andy :-))))))
    Anybody explain / suggest what ‘Hitchcockian’ means !
    That Abyssinia Infinite – Aba Alem Lemenea track was beautifull :-)))

  3. Hitchcockian as refered to Rhysical Pheck… hmmm..
    well, from http://www.filmsound.org/articles/Hitchcock.htm
    i get this quote regarding “hitchcockian music”
    “… we are typically looking at one thing or person while listening to another. By separating sound and image Hitchcock can thus achieve variety, denseness, tension and on occasion, irony. ”
    i think that is apt enough … 🙂

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