Gyp Buggane – DJ Set from Levitation Festival 2018, Austin, Texas

DJ set performed at Levitation Festival Austin Texas April 26 2018 as part of Al Lover’s Elevated Transmissions DJ Sessions, featuring Acid Arab, La Femme, Yamasuki, Mark Peters, Electric Eye (Gyp Buggane Remix), Bonnacons of Doom, Elephant Stone, Flavien Berger, Lorrelle meets the Obselete, Dead Vibrations (Gyp Buggane Remix), Snapped Ankles, WITCH, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Hookworms, Eugene MacDaniels, Vacant Lots / Alan Vega, Mugstar, Part Chimp and The Horrors

Rhysical Pheck – The Vitamin D LP – Out Now !

Rhysical Pheck - The Vitamin D LP

Rhysical Phecks new album is out now and available to buy / listen

We started recording this album in 2002 straight off the back of the last album. A lot has happened in that time; the world is a different place, children have been born, jobs have been quit, cider has been drunk. We’ve no real excuse for why its taken us this long, the songs were all written and fully recorded about ten years ago, but due to afforementioned ‘life things’ they sat on a dusty shelf, but, now the time seemed right to finish it and finally release it.

The album was all written and recorded in our own little studio. The tracks feature a lot of electronics; drum machines, synths, keyboards, mixed with live instrumentation; Guitars, bazoukis, banjos, flutes, trumpets. Its wholly intentional to create something where its hard to tell what is going on, who is playing what and what is playing who. We can’t actually remember who played some of the instruments on some of the songs.

The songs on the album are 99% positive, the world is a crazy messed up place and getting crazier and more messed up, but, the songs are trying to tell a different story, a story about the good and the hope. Scratch the surface and there is another story, thinly veiled but ever present. We won’t explain what that story is, as music should be at least a little mysterious.

We asked our friends to tell us what bands the album reminded them of, and, they are a pretty good list of our influences; Spiritualized, Lemon Jelly, Super Furry Animals, Four Tet, Velvet Underground, Sigur Ros, Madchester – imagine them all in a blender and it makes sense, kind of.

The bands previous album ‘The Little People LP’ was released in 2002 and received airplay on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 3. But, that was then and this is now.

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Ballagroove Studios by Gypo Buggane

Video preview of all the tracks from the album, made just for fun

Video for lead track ‘Not Everything is Wrong’ by Origimedia
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Sleeve Design and Logos by Smeg McSmeg

Portrait photographs by Phil Kneen

Drawings by Jo Three Legs

Debut album ‘The Little People Album’