Rhysical Pheck – Album Launch

Rhysical Pheck finally launched their album ‘The Little People Album’ last Sunday at the New Poacher’s Pocket in Ballasalla. Thanks to all who attended, hope you all had an enjoyable day out, was great to see such a nice atmosphere and all the kids made the event one to remember πŸ™‚ Keep an eye on the site for more details, downloadable live tracks and pictures, all coming soon.
For a review of the gig see Declan’s Gig Review

4 thoughts on “Rhysical Pheck – Album Launch

  1. Aye, so did I! Both Cohiba and Rhysical Pheck were excellent, as were the DJs: big thanks to the WideOn crew – Eddie & Neil, etc.
    I was also really impressed by the the amount of people that came to the gig – cheers to everyone that turned up πŸ™‚
    Just got the contact sheets back today and they’re looking pretty good; I’ll try and get a gallery of images scanned and posted up by the weekend, but it might have to wait ’til the site’s had a bit more work done to it on the more important issues.

  2. The gig sounded tops where I was stood.
    Congrats on the website, lookin’ pretty darn cool

  3. As it takes about 3 hours to get into Declans site I’ve posted his review up here to πŸ™‚
    Strange one this. Ballagroove Studios assembled a motely audience for the launch of Rhysical Pheck’s debut l.p. (I have already reveiwed it on Declan’s Stuff
    Although the launch was not publicised and took place on a Sunday Afternoon, the place was packed, despite fighting off stiff competition from a nearby car-boot sale. The room was overflowing with kids. In fact the average age of the audience was lower than at a Suspect Package show. It took me a while to adjust to the idea of a gaggle of pre-schoolers running round. But after a while the family atmosphere made for a perfect backdrop to the happy sounds of the headliners and support act Cohiba. This band won the Jewell in The Scene best songwriting contest, and songwriting is the key feature of their sound. Both their own original compositions, like the track on Christy D.’s compilation c.d., and a few choice pre-Rock standards like Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps and the Very Thought of You.
    As Rhysical Pheck’s lazy grooves filled the rooom, a friend was astonishd to find that I knwe the words. But I supppose that I’ve played the c.d. so much that they have perculated into my brain.
    Only the singer/guitarist Kin stands up – with Gypo and Shod perched precariously around the tiny stage area. Now I think I’ve said beforethat I like a band to conect with its audience (ok I’ve said it quite a few times). But there are many ways to achieve this feat, and on a Sunday afternoon with friends and family Rhysical Pheck’s relaxed approach worked a treat. Te connection was made because with the audience chilling out in comfortable leather Chesterfield sofas; it was the mellow atmosphere and the band’s subtle and gentle music was the most effective means of capturing the mood was a laid back approach that gently insinuates its way into the listener’s conscoiusness.
    An unusual and thrillingly understated hangover cure.

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