Safetyword – Shoddy Gods

Safetyword - Shoddy Gods cover artwork

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Ballagroove Records is very pleased to announce Safetyword‘s newest release: Shoddy Gods. It’s out now, and is a special ultra-limited edition – the first on Ballagroove’s new “white label” series – so you better get it quick as there are only 50 released!


Shoddy Gods contains the following tracks:

  1. Wooden Tongue Depressor
  2. White Plastic Agitator
  3. Flaming Hoop
  4. Flattery Will Get You Nowhere (a flat battery will get you nowhere)

Exclusive – complete sample track! MP3 download: Wooden Tongue Depressor (1,905KB)

We’re very excited about this one; Safetyword once again prove what talented lads they are with four luscious tracks of distinctive & quirky indie goodness which’ll leave you lusting for more 🙂

Available for £4 GBP exclusively from Black and Blue, Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man (the old B.S.Ex. building) – tel: (+44) (0)7624 472889, by e-mailing us at, or from the band themselves at

If you’d like more info on what Safetyword are up to please check out their forum, or subscribe to the Safetyword mailing list

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Safetyword consists of Rob Smith (vocals & guitar), Danny Bramall (bass), and Jan Davey (drums).