Rhysical Pheck – The Little People Album

Rhysical Pheck – The Little People Album cover artwork

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Rhysical Pheck’s debut LP ‘The Little People Album’ is now finally released. The album contains 10 tracks: 6 brand new tracks and 4 re-recordings of previously released material.

For a couple of reviews of what the album sounds like, take a look at Declan’s Stuff and BlimeyCharlie.net

NEW! – complete sample track! MP3 download: Icarus (2,744KB)

Exclusive – complete sample track! MP3 download: Ground Is Sound (3,842KB)

The CD is available for £10 GBP from the following outlets: The Trafalgar Pub, Douglas; The Bay Hotel (Bushys), Port Erin; Black and Blue, Douglas; Switched On Records, Douglas; Pete Norris Music Shop, Douglas; or from any of the band members. It’s also available from the following digital download stores:

“Cool jangly college rock / pop / indie sounds with acoustic guitars, synths and samples. Sensitive heartbreaking songs of love and regret. Great production and beautiful songs. Think Felt, Blue Aeroplanes, Beta Band, Sukpatch, Ecstacy of St. Theresa, etc.”Probe Records, Liverpool, Liverpool (map to Probe’s location)

“Taking odd ends of influence from all over the late 90′s scene, The Little People Album is a unique combination of strong characteristics, eloping and birthing ten tracks of improvisational, experimental gold.  Often delaying gratification with sincere maturity, in favor of playing out more intriguing scenes, Rhysical Pheck has a strange and unique way of administering it’s hooks.  This off-beat personality that rides the entire album is a polite example of where invention lives.” (Dingus On Music Review)

Rhysical Pheck consists of Kin (David Kinley – vocals & backing guitar), Shod (Pete Sansbury – lead guitar), and Gypo (Andrew Clague – Bass & electronic trickery).