Rhysical Pheck – Klonderdrome

In 2002 Rhysical Pheck were asked by David Maddrell an artist from the Isle of Man to write some music to accompany his ‘Klonerdrome’ sculpture

The ‘user’ sat in front of the sculpture, peered in through the holes, put the headphones on (which played the tracks of the CD) and got transported into a lovely world of kaleidoscopic images

As if that wasn’t crazy enough the first 10 copies of the CD came in a stained glass sleeve, yes, a stained glass sleeve πŸ™‚

The CD contained 2 tracks, ‘Klonerdrome’ and ‘Miles and Miles of Synchronised Swimmers Smiles (Ballagroove remix)’

We do have a video of inside of the sculpture put to the music, but, until youtube recognise the Isle of Man as existing we can’t put it up for you to see πŸ™

But, you can listen or download the tracks for free here as some consolation

  • Klonerdrome (5,724kB)
  • Miles and Miles of Synchronised Swimmers Smiles (Ballagroove Remix) (7,920kB)

  • David Maddrell Arist Home Page