Doug Francisco – Terrafolk

Doug Fancisco, where to start !!

Some of you will know him from his time on the Isle of Man, he lived here for many years, making music and making mischief 🙂

He then travelled all over the world doing loads of cool creative stuff

This film tells some of his story – you really should buy the DVD, it shows what can be done with some effort, skill and a whole lot spirit – hugely inspiring stuff

Invisible Circus – No Dress Rehearsal – Film Trailer

Over the course of various visits to the island we recorded about 25 songs, the cream of the crop is brought together on this CD, featuring Doug, Sarah, Gyp and Kin from Rhysical Pheck and the beautifull violin playing of Katie Lawrence

More details on Dougs website

Listen to the EP

Invisible Circus Facebook Page

Invisible Circus Website