Chris T-T – Buried on the calf

This CD was a limited releases available for one night only compiled for the gig at the Trafalgar Hotel, Douglas, Isle of Man 7.3.2009.

Chris says “One day I’ll make a proper album with Ballagroove for the Isle of Man. But in the meantime I hope you enjoy this collection – it’s my favourite live recordings, radio session and a couple of unreleased exclusives.”

‘Buried on the Calf’ refers to The Calf of Man, a wee Island off the southern coast of the Isle of Man, we all visited there with Chris one sunny day

Track Listing;

1. Bankrupt (live in aberdeen)
2. Old Men (radio session)
3. A-Z (piano version)
4. Bored of the war (live in aberdeen)
5. M1 Song (live in glasgow)
6. Tomorrow Morning (live in glasgow)
7. Tendon (live in glasgow)
8. The Court Of You (radio session)
9. The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin’ (live in aberdeen)
10. Decksweep (live in london)
11. Ankles (piano version)
12. You can’t stop the machine
13. Wasps Can Kill Bees (improvised at Truck Festival)
14. Halfway House (I Don’t sleep around) (new unreleased home demo)
15. Black Music (oneKitten s. Chris T-T remix)
16. Piano Improvisation 29.6.2008

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